His good looks and sexy assets make Gemini a huge fan favorite.

Gemini won BEST NEWCOMER and BEST BUTT at the 2004 BWN Awards.

God's Gift

God's Gift arrived with his own series in a dominating debut.

The arrival of God's Gift was the most anticipated debut of the year for 2005.


An instant force to be reckoned with, Homicide curshed Travis in his debut.

Homicide won MOST THUG APPEAL at the 2005 BWN Awards.


Illusive launched the Exotic Wrestling series alongside Morpheus.

Illusive was the first wrestler to be taken advantage of after losing a match.


Jag has vowed to defeat Buckwylde and become the next Lightweight Champion.

Jag though up his own name to describe his appearance and style of wrestling.

Jay Stiles

JT arrived on the scene and got immediately trashed by Assassin in his debut match.

Jay was raised in a rural midwestern town and has done straight porn.


JT arrived on the scene and got immediately trashed by Assassin in his debut match.

JT was originally scouted for BWN several years prior to his debut.


Juanito got literally pulled off the street and into BWN Video!

Juanito was a last minute substitute referred to us right off the street.


Judas arrived on the scene and tortured Marcos in his debut match.

Judas wrestled in high school and was the first wrestler with a titled finisher.


Brought in by Onyxx as half of his Soldiers to destroy Xavier, Juice is now in singles.

Juice has one of the lowest body fat percentages of any wrestler on the roster.


Justice is being punished by Sipho for defeating him in their singles match.

Justice is his birth name; he's an accomplished MMA fighter in South Africa.


K-Rock became an instant favorite despite losing in his debut match to Onyxx.

K-Rock works as a professional exotic dancer and appears all over the country.


Lennox finally achieved his goal, but he's never gotten over his debut loss to Onyxx.

Lennox was voted MOST COCKY at the 2005 BWN Video Awards.


Lorenzo made a stunning and unexpected debut in a sizzling new series.

Lorenzo was specifically suggested by the fans in the Blackboard.


Magnum is out to destroy the Convict that killed his partner and ruined his life.

Major's 'Major Reversal' finisher won for BEST FINISHER at the 2005 Awards.


Major suffered a humiliating loss to Prince Ra but is now on a comeback, and seeking Lennox.

Major's 'Major Reversal' finisher won for BEST FINISHER at the 2005 Awards.


Malik got humiliated by Zanvega, forced to worship his feet.

Malik was introduced to BWN by Zanvega James while visiting Atlanta.

Marz (Marcello)

Marz is one of the most liked and consistently entertaining performers on the roster.

Marz won MOST SEX APPEAL for 2005 and MOST IMPROVED two years in a row.


Marcos is a muscled fan favorite, though he has yet to win a match.

Marcos won for BEST CHEST and BEST THIGHS at the 2004 BWN Awards.


Marcus's smart mouth got him recruited into wrestling by Assassin...and destroyed!

Marcus is a multi-talented performer with experience in many other fields.


With Sipho, Matambo launched the Wrestling Challenge Africa series.

Matambo is one of the largest wrestlers on the BWN Africa roster.


Maurice was summarily destroyed and fucked in his debut match against Cell.

Maurice was introduced to BWN by Cell and was briefly a roommate of Travis.


Sent by Marz to fight Onyx for him, Mikey got beat and his ass spanked for his troubles.

Mikey, alongside Onyx, produced one of our most popular videos ever.


Mohammed is Justice's little brother; he's ripped and has heart, but isn't fully trained.

Morpheus, alongside Illusive, launched the popular Exotic Wrestling series.


Morpheus was a series champion before getting literally fucked right out of his own series.

Morpheus, alongside Illusive, launched the popular Exotic Wrestling series.


Nick made a comeback against Onyx but got punished and laid out for trying to win.

Nick was technically the first wrestler ever on our official roster.

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