After feuding with Xavier, Abdul was on his way to winning the Submission Series Tournament but shot too many matches in one day and got dominated by Foxx in the semifinal. He retired in defeat.

Abdul was voted BEST RETIRED WRESTLER by the fans at the 2004 Awards.


Akecheta made a strong showing in a losing debut match against Lennox but went on to defeat Major in a #1 Contendership Match and is now first in line to face Lennox for a shot at the Submission Series Championship.

Part Cherokee Indian, Akecheta competed in underground MMA tournaments.


Andre's last match was against Abdul who punished him so thoroughly into submission in the 2nd Round of the Submission Tournament that Andre retired after that.

Andre was voted the MOST ATTRACTIVE by the fans at the 2004 Awards.


Asante came into BWN from NHB Battle just to punk out Morpheus in his own series and he did just that, literally dominating him throughout and beating him into retirement after a humiliating loss.

Asante has also appeared in wrestling videos for NHB Battle.

Series Champion

Assassin became the second wrestler ever to hold two series championships at the same time and is one of the most dominant all around wrestlers on the entire roster.

Assassin won the category for BEST TRASH TALKER at the 2005 Awards.

Series Champion

Babyboy had a prolonged feud with his best friend Romeo and always pulls out all the stops to get an opponent down and beaten, no matter what it takes or how far he has to go, whether it's fair or not.

Babyboy won the category for BEST TRASH TALKER at the 2004 Awards.

Baby Prince

Baby Prince made his debut as a rentboy for Gemini in the sequel to Hot Boyz and was very well-received by fans in his subsequent role as a jobber to both Marz and Babyboy.

Baby Prince was nominated for BEST NEWCOMER in the 2005 BWN Awards.


Thoroughly outmuscled and humiliated by Storm in his debut, Bishop tried to use his friend Erotico to get revenge against Storm but ultimately ended up losing the feud and admitting complete defeat.

Bishop and Storm won MOST INTENSITY for their Exotic Wrestling 5 match.

Bobby Nyte

Black Inches cover model Bobby Nyte was so thoroughly destroyed and punished by Onyxx in his first and only match for BWN, that he never came back.

Bobby Nyte was featured on the cover of Black Inches Magazine.


Sipho's Bodyguard was dispatched to make quick work of Justice for upstaging Sipho but found a hard match before finally subduing him by muscling him down through his raw power advantage.

Matambo was also considered for the role of the Bodyguard.


Brandon tried to avenge the beating his lover Illusive took at the hands of Morpheus but found himself on the receving end of the same treatment instead in the sequel to Exotic Wrestling.

Brandon was our first wrestler ever to shoot entirely nude.


Brian was forced from the company after being embarrassed in a retirement match in which Abdul managed to beat him with a figure four despite having both his hands tied behind his back for most of the match!

Brian's only victory was over Sphynx, whose hands he tied behind his back.


Packed and stacked, Brick made his debut in a losing effort against Onyxx who wore him out and then stripped him for good measure in the Gut Check series debut.

Not knowing to pace himself, Brick got 'blown up' (tired) quickly in his debut.

The Brit

The Brit came all the way from London to punish his little brother William using every dirty trick in the book to punish him for embarrassing the family by losing to Lennox.

The Brit is the real life older brother of William and contacted BWN first.

Series Champion

Buckwylde made his impressive debut dominating Tre to become the first Lightweight Champion which earned him the right to be entered into the Undisputed Tournament.

Buckwylde regularly outwrestled larger opponents in high school wrestling.

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