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The battle for the Undisputed Championship continues with Kidd Fresh dead set on facing Sword after the beating he took from 404Life that left him crushed and bound, thrown next to the driveway outside the studio.

MDK arrives and at first tries to help Fresh, but when he makes clear that he intends to face Sword and become the next Undisputed Champion, it's on!

Fresh, fighting for redemption and as hard as he has ever fought, brings all his skill and speed to bear on the massive MDK!

At first, Fresh actually gains an advantage by taking the first shot and stuns the big man!

While having him down, Fresh puts the boots to him then goes in for the same kimura with which he fractured Marz's arm!

MDK screams in pain!

But having just suffered a beating at the hands of 404Life, Fresh is not in any condition to be able to make the offense last and once the monster takes control, Kidd Fresh can only watch his chances of facing Sword go up in smoke as he finds himself entirely at the mercy of MDK!

MDK picks Fresh apart, showing him no mercy for the beating he just took, torturing his limbs, throat, and upper body with dozens of holds and vicious abuse for over an hour!

Kidd Fresh refuses to say that he will step aside as MDK continues to pummel him, demanding he admit that it will be MDK who faces Sword...

But Kidd Fresh refuses to step aside, choosing to take the punishment instead after it becomes clear he can no longer defend himself.

MDK is happy to oblige.

Pounding the young man, stretching him, bending him, and squeezing the air out of him, MDK puts Kidd Fresh through the worst beating in his life!

And he's not done!

Even after it's obvious that he's won, MDK isn't satisfied.

And he won't be satisfied until he's literally broken Kidd Fresh completely, crippling him!

The most devastating destruction ever shot!

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