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Punisher returns!

After his defeat at the hands of former Undisputed Champion Cell, many fans thought he was over.

But he's back, thicker, stronger...and madder!

Punisher returns to immediately set his sights on Sword!

He wants to be the next Undisputed Champion...but first he'll have to find the Champ, and then go through the Champ's brother...

But before any of that can take place, there's some trash that needs to be taken out!

NPunisher walks into the middle of an argument between two new guys both up for a position as a host to replace Curtis (who was destroyed by Sword's brother)...but while they're arguing, Punisher walks in.

And then are destroyed.

Watch as Punisher lives up to his name and pounds both of these guys at the same time! Sleepers, bearhugs, camel clutches, scissors, and much more is brought to bear on the poor helpless bodies of these guys that suffer the consequences of being in Punisher's way for an hour!

There are one or two moments that they seem to be able to get it together long enough to try to mount some coordinated offense and even get Punisher down for a few moments, trying to submit him with duel single leg crabs!

But it's not enough.

Punisher easily kicks out of the hold and proceeds to destroy both of them and even the studio as he literally shatters light fixtures while setting up one of the guys for a piledriver!

Watch the brutality!?


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