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Massive MDK poses for his private photo shoot on a secluded beach in Fort Lauderdale showcasing his stunningly perfect physique...

After him, it's time for Flex, but when MDK returns claiming that we didn't get enough good shots of him, the fight is on!

Flex fights for his respect and position but is absolutely no match for MDK's massive body and focused technique.

Easily taking down Flex, MDK then manhandles the young man, mocking his efforts to fight back by letting him have moments of comeback only to swipe them away at his leisure, breaking the kid down and methodically teaching him a lesson about respect!

Flex suffers on the beach, writhing in multiple positions, trying to escape and sometimes doing so...only to be placed back into another hold, and punished further!

Despite his best efforts, there's nothing Flex can ultimately do to prevent himself from becoming a play thing for MDK's aggression!

Squeezing, choking, bending, and ultimately breaking Flex, MDK has a great time lording it over the poor kid who only wanted his turn at his own photo shoot!

Even after clearly losing the match, Flex repeatedly gets up and tries to keep fighting!

At one point, Flex is literally trying to crawl up MDK's legs to get himself back in the fight!

But even after getting MDK in a full nelson and choking him, it turns out that he was just being toyed with as MDK easily takes control again and makes him pay!

The match was actually shot right during Hurricane Isaac passing through, bringing the crests of the waves higher as MDK holds Flex into the water, forcing him to keep getting dunked repeatedly as he gasps for air underwater!

But Flex won't quit.

Forcing himself to his feet, he keeps trying!

MDK just watches with amusement and lets Flex get all the way to a standing position before gently cupping his chin, aiming, and knocking him out!

Full nelsons, camel clutches, crucifixes, body slams, chokes, sleepers, and much more in this first-ever match shot entirely on an open beach!

Breathtaking newcomer MDK and gorgeous Flex in the open sunlight of this Florida beach!

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