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Jigsaw arrives.

Drew refuses to lose.

Every previous time that Drew has vowed not to lose anymore, he's lost but this time is different: Drew pours it on with a confidence and consistency that has Jigsaw thrown off his game, expecting to walk over Drew for his debut like others have.

Instead, Jigsaw is in for the fight of his life as Drew makes him earn every moment and after a controversial rear naked choke tapout, the feud escalates!

Drew insists that Jigsaw was cheating to use that move (thinking of amateur wrestling) while Jigsaw insists anything goes.

So if I punch you in the face, then what? asks Drew.

The fight escalates as each of thes two stubborn young men go at it!

The match continues with both guys caught in submissions but refusing to tap and an amazing finish!

Watch what happens!

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