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Snake is back!

As the MVP of BWN last year, when he joined forces with Storm's Vendetta to finally and permanently disband 404Life once and for all, Snake had his hands full as Storm's willing slave leading the charge against the gang.

Having once again saved the company from a siege, and having had his Submission Championship returned to him by Inferno (who only took it from him to recruit him into the Vendetta), Snake is now ready, willing, and able to start defending his Championship against any and all comers.

Immediately after the Vendetta vs. 404Life feud, one man arrived and claimed that Snake's naked wrestling should disqualify him from holding the Submission belt since he's been delegitimized and humiliated: Aranha.

Legitimate capoeira fighter Aranha brings his unique blend of Brazilian fighting technique and the blind ambition of youth to the mats.

Immediately upon arriving, and after making short work of Dyrico, Aranha demands a title shot.

Now he's got it.

The match begins with Aranha showcasing his bizarre style and going toe to toe with Submission Champion Snake. Snake holds his own and dominates, showing that he's hasn't lost a single step.

But then Aranha flips him into th barricade, injurying Snake's ankle and leaving him vulnerable to Aranha's vicious assaults.

Aranha spares Snake no mercy as he goes directly to work on the ankle and pulls out all the stops, realizing what's on the line.

Snake rallies but Aranha cuts him off again with a low blow.

Snake comes back and takes over again, surging towards victory...but Aranha then uses a weapon to stop Snake, once again bringing the proud champion to his knees and then curled up in pain.

Snake fights his way back into it but is it too late?

Will the first quarter of the new year begin with a new champ?

Watch this war play out between two highly skilled, young, ambitious fighters!

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