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The Submission Championship had been held continuously by Snake since he won it in a Scramble.

The Freak Show's newly created
X-Terminator ended that.

In an incredibly one-sided assault, Snake was left utterly destroyed and bereft of his Championship.

Now, he must climb the mountain once again this time by himself and earn the belt back.

To start, he accepts a challenge from newcomer Tiger.

But Tiger turns out to be quite a challenge for Snake, whose arm hasn't yet fully recovered from the violations imposed on it by X-Terminator. But Snake refused to wait and demanded to fight fast.

Snake and Tiger go back and forth, both gamely challenging each other and actually earning taps in both directions, but that's actually not a good thing for the formerly undefeated Snake; normally, Snake was always willing to tap out tactically to a given fall knowing that he could make it up on the back end before the match was over and earn the tap back and win the match.

But this time, he may have miscalculated because Tiger gets one and then another. Snake brings it up even.

Which means now, it's down to one tap for the victory.

Snake CANNOT afford to lose his first match after being defeated, which would be two losses in a row which woul be utterly unprecedented and put a serious question mark on Snake's ability to recapture the belt from the Freak Show.

As for Tiger, he's very much wanting to win his debut and create a huge impression right out the gate.

The two go nonstop without breaks, pouring everything they have into one another, leaving everything on the mats in an effort to pull out the much needed win.

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