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Furious at having been completely forgotten and abandoned by 404Life, Nino returns and turns his fury againt the only original 404Life member to currently hold a belt.

Snake has continuously held the Submission Championship for 5 years and has remained undefeated despite having gone through multiple feuds and cliques from 404Life to BWN to Vendetta...

But Nino feels that his bloodline -- the fact that he's Foxx's brother -- should entitle him to the belt.

Nino has always referred to himself as BWN royalty due to his relationship with Foxx who was one of the very first BWN superstars.

In Nino's mind, he should've been the one that 404Life got behind to get the Submission Championship in the first place but then to add insult to injury, when it all came down and 404Life was finally defeated by the Vendetta, Snake switched teams and everyone forgot about Nino.

In truth, Nino abandoned 404Life when he was sent on a mission to take out Hunter only to arrive and find out that Romeo was also there to back up Hunter...Nino vanished.

But in Nino's mind, it doesn't matter because when the Vendetta came down he was also captured but nobody ever noticed that.

Now, he wants the belt.

Snake, as always, is happy to put the belt on the line against anyone.

But has he miscalculated the level of rage in Nino?

Nino immediately ratchets up the violence, susprising Snake with headbutts, slams, eye rakes, and other unsavory tactics to quench his rage. A straight punch to Snake's gut catches him completely by surprise and Nino is able to move in.

But can Nino finish Snake?

Snake mounts his own comeback, demonstrating why he's the Submission Champ, but Nino powers out of one thing after another, fueled by an apparently bottomless well of insane anger that wants to not only defeat Snake but hurt him.

In his zeal, Nino injures himself when he bites through his own lip but that doesn't slow him down...

Snake stategizes, calculates carefully, and does what he can to slow Nino down and exhaust him.

Can Snake defeat his biggest challenge to date and hold on?

Or has Nino returned only to create the biggest upset of the year and become new Submission Champ?

You've got to watch and see!

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