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Quake was salvaged.

After being discarded by Storm during the Vendetta, Quake was thrown onto a pile of trash and forgotten about.

But the Freak Show found him and made him theirs.

While awaiting his full initation into TFS however, Quake is left bound and helpless for anyone that walks in to enjoy.

Candyman enters.

Although Candyman has no affiliation with TFS, he nonetheless sees something he likes and decides to have some fun...

Quake begs to be released and when Candyman obliges, he attacks him for taking so long to do it!

Candyman makes Quake pay for that, and methodically destroys him for an hour like only Candyman can; at times, Quake gets the advantage but ultimately he's broken down by Candyman piece by piece while being "appreciated" by Candyman throughout.

By the time it's all said and done, Quake will have submitted and Candyman leaves him worse off than he found him, but you'll be better off than you were when it started by watching Quake's muscled physique put through the paces by the one and only Candyman!

Candy does it again!!

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