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Cubano is training to enter bodybuilding and he's gotten huge!

Having heard about the upcoming second season of BWN Bootcamp, Cubano makes his return and mocks those newcomers as being unworthy of heavyweight fighters like himself even though he's temporarily off the active roster while recovering from a torn Achilles.

Candyman doesn't like.

Overhearing Cubano talking trash, Candyman decides to attack the injured superstar right in the middle of his promo and pounds away at his injury without mercy.

Cubano tries to muscle a comeback but Candyman consistently returns to the injury, forcing Cubano into positions that he can then capitalize on and stretching him out with spladles and punishing him with ankle locks...

Eventually, Candyman chokes Cubano out.

But that's not enough.

Pouring water on his naked body, Candyman forces Cubano to fight in another round that he's unable to keep up with; at one point though, Cubano manages a stunning comeback and actually puts Candyman out!

Laid out at his feet, Cubano feels he's proven his point: beating a Bootcamp wrestler even with an injury!

Cubano's mistake? Waking Candyman back up to challenge him to one final round to settle it.

Cubano never has a chance; Candyman, humiliated at having been sleepered out, unleashes on Cubano with a series of punishments the likes of which CUbano has never endured and fans have never seen!

Repeatedly, Cubano is made to tape, sleepered out, punished some more, stretched, tortured, and further humiliated until finally Cubano begs Candyman to please not choke him out yet again.

Candyman agrees but only if Cubano will humble himself enough to say the words that Candyman wants to hear: "I like the candy!" which Cubano refuses to say...until he finds himself again being choked out and says it.

But Candyman then puts Cubano to sleep anyway.

Standing over him, Candyman declares the era of Cubano over and his legacy at its end with Candyman its true heir.

Watch a much more muscular Cubano get destroyed like you've never seen before!

Destroyed muscle!!

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