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Cocky beyond belief, male stripper Treyz decides to bring his charisma to the mats, insisting that the best way to grow a female audience at BWN is for guys like him to shine.

Former pro wrestler Ming is the exact opposite energy: methodical, masterful, and dominant.

Filled with energy, Treyz comes at Ming hard at the outset forcing an advantage for himself by going low repeatedly.

But you can't stop Ming that easy.

Once he regains his wherewithal, Ming takes control.

Writing and screaming, twisting and cursing, Treyz is forced to take it.

I don't get tired!

I can take whatever!

Treyz chooses to define himself by how much punishment he can take without giving up...and Ming is only too happy to oblige as he puts the young loudmouth in hold after hold stretching and punishing him for being so cocky.

But there's more.

After Treyz brags about his girls calling him daddy or something, Ming decides to take that ball and run with it: he refuses to release Treyz from submission holds unless and until Treyz calls HIM big daddy!

Treyz refuses, yelling out that it will never happen in a million years!

That brings more pain and more punishment and more holds.

Treyz suffers in position after position, but never stops running his mouth.

Finally, after about a dozen holds and nonstop battering, Treyz gives it up and submits to Ming!

Bringing back the first BWN series just months after our 15 Year Anniversary, this is definitely a collector's item and a great return to the mat basics of ground and pound, lots of holds, and no mercy!

Intrducing Ming!

Introducing Treyz!

Grab this epic beatdown!

$59.00     CART