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The extraordinarily popular Antonio, from the SLICK series, makes his big return to BWN after having trained in MMA for 2 years and wanting to have only regular legit matches and no more erotic oil shoots...

Unfortunately for him, Virgo is pissed.

Pissed at blowing his shot at the Lightweight Championship when he was doing well against Novian in the Gauntlet, pissed at being used by Storm in the Vendetta without anything to show for it, and pissed at being overlooked for major title fights.

Virgo decides to take out his aggression on Antonio!

Antonio does extremely well at first, demonstrating his newly acquired skills by making Virgo tap!

But Virgo isn't playing fair. He's been around too long and gone through too much for that!

Virgo unleases his inner beast and tears into Antonio with low blows, weapons, and then a series of holds one after the other stretching and punishing poor Antonio!

And whenever he needs to regain control, Virgo just crotches him again!

Repeatedly, an astonished Antonio finds himself on the receiving end of completely unexpected brutal assaults until he's turned into a helpless stack of muscled flesh with which Virgo can have his way!

And he does!

Watch this collectible squash as Virgo strips Antonio first down to his tiny underwear and out of his singlet...and then out of even that!

Antonio is back and looks terrific!

Virgo at his best!

Grab this epic beatdown!

The punishment was ONE HOUR!

$59.00     CART