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Returning to action after having competed in bodybuilding shows and added on tremendous weight and thickness, Trigger decides to carefully plot his path to the Straight Up Championship that he was never able to beat Hunter for!

By helping to cause Stitch to defeat Hunter in a huge upset to win the Straight Up Championship, Trigger figures now he can beat Stitch rather than face the unbeatable Hunter and finally get the strap!

Towards that end, Trigger works his ass off fighting Stitch, using his combination of athletics and newly available superior muscle and power to squeeze, stretch, and pound on Stitch!

But Stitch is resourceful.

Using whatever happens to be lying around, Stitch gains the advantage with a mannequin's head and starts to go to town on Trigger!

But Trigger survives the assault and once again turns the tables, using his power to keep Stitch trapped in full nelsons and leg locks, aching for the submission!

Stitch pushes through and starts using the belt itself as a weapon!

But Trigger survives that as well and the match goes back and forth as Trigger insists on FINALLY getting what he's waited years for!

But Stitch is undefeated and has achieved that for a reason!

Will Trigger shock the world?

Watch and see!

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