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After quitting last year due to an unbroken string of losses climaxing in his indentured servitude to Papi, Kidd Fresh comes crawling back to BWN...and in his first return match is made to fight April in a Barnstorm as punishment for quitting!

April taunts Fresh in advance of their match by buying him flowers, infuriating Fresh and then rubbing salt in it by talking about how wet and sloppy the match is while it's ongoing...driving Fresh into paroxysms of fury!

Kidd Fresh unloads all his pent up hostlity and aggression onto April, pounding, kicking, punching, and stretching him every which way to Sunday!

April takes a pounding but persists, cutting corners and repeatedly bringing Fresh back down to his level and literally dragging him through the mud!

Fresh rallies with desperate kicks and a volley of wrestling holds...but April survives and even at times seems to enjoy the torture...

Then, April throws hay into Fresh's eyes!

Temporarily blinding him, Fresh is able to pound the Kidd's head against the wall and break him down at will!

Fresh pulls out everything ultimately including his signature upside down hold applying all his pressure to April's neck and head...

And it then appears that Kidd Fresh has won the match!

But not so fast.

Right as Kidd Fresh is about to take his victory lap, dragging April through the four corners as required by the match stipulation, April goes low!

Brought down by the excruciating pain, Fresh can only helplessly watch himself get dragged around!

April defeats Kidd Fresh.

Fresh is off to a humiliating return to BWN!

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