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After an incredible match in Saggers 2, 404Life members big Cam and Lil Buck find themselves bound by the Vendetta...and now they're about to be enslaved to it!

Awaking to the smelling of a Hellhound, Lil Buck and Big Cam find themselves right where they left off...except this time Inferno has arrived to take them home!

But before doing so, Inferno taunts the young men by giving them a chance at freedom if either of them can beat him!

First up is Lil Buck!

Buck fights hard but is no match for Inferno who quickly dominates and mocks him...but suddenly Lil Buck pulls off a DDT that drives Inferno's head into the mats!

Inferno is out cold!

Lil Buck quickly goes to free his partner, finding the keys in Inferno's things and uncuffing him...but now Big Cam doesn't want to leave!

Enthralled by the Hellhound, Cam starts to enjoy it and wants to stay!

Buck tries to get Cam to see reason before Inferno wakes up, but it's too late!

Inferno is up...and this time he unleashes the Hellhound and it's a 2 on 2 battle for survival!

Weaving between fighting and erotica, between aggression and control, Inferno and the Hellhound toy with their prey as they break them down piece by piece, stroke by stroke!

Ultimately forced to pleasure each other, Big Cam and Lil Buck find out what it means to be made a part of the Vendetta!


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This video does not contain explicit sex.