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Two men walk into the studio fully clothed and with their dignity intact.

One will lose both.

Right from the start, watching these two go at it is a work of art as each is handsome and physically sculpted! The match starts off competitive, gets heated, gets more heated, then moves into super intense mode when the trunks come off and the sweat starts to pour!

After the dominant fighter gets clearly established, the match is only just beginning!

Now, he wants to feed.

Using the now defeated opponent, gasping for air, as his own plaything it's time to really send the point home of who is in charge!

The demand is made of the loser to admit that he's the winner's bitch.

Resisting that final humiliation, he fights with everything he's got for the second half absolutely exhausting himself but in the end volunteers the admission that yes, "I'm the bitch."

From there, it's time for more struggle, nipples toyed with, ass smacked, and dominance made crystal clear!

This one is a classic!

BWN is launching the year with one of the hottest matches ever!

To add insult to injury, the winner literally carries off the nude loser!

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$69.00   CART