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When two 404Life prospects show up at the same spot they were each told to be at, they end up inside the studio instead...and eventually out of all their clothes!

Meliano, from New York, faces Trill who's from the Deep South; the scuffle turns into a full-fledged match as these two thugs come out of their clothes, down to boxers, and eventually down to bare skin as they each fight to eliminate the other from consideration as a candidate for 404Life.

At first, Meliano seems to get winded and fall into Trill's sleeper but later it seems M must've been faking it because when he gets back on the offensive, Trill has absolutely no chance and faces his punishment: camel clutches, full nelsons, scissors, and finally he ends up on his back, butt naked, at the feet of "King" Meliano!

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