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With 404Life defeated, Shawty has nothing left.

Nothing, that is, except the Lightweight belt that he kept.

Storm, through his Vendetta, vanquished the 404Life gang and got Shawty to hand over the Undisputed Championship that was earned by 404Life's Sword and kept in Shawty's possession...in so doing, and by defeating all the 404Life members that came to fight, Storm ended the 404Life gang and returned the Undisputed Championship to Sword as an individual competitor.

But what Storm overlooked was Shawty's Lightweight belt that he'd stolen from Pit years ago.

Now alone on the roster and without his gang, Shawty tries to recruit lightweight contenders to use as a shield against Novian, the heir apparent to the Lightweight Championship.

Towards that end, Shawty gets into the ear of Virgo and calls up a returning youngest brother to get them to show up to fight.

But rather than meeting Novian, they end up arriving at the studio early and encounter each other...and with each having been promised the shot at Novian, the fight is on!

Virgo for his part went through a lot during the Vendetta vs. 404Life year being captured by Storm's Inferno at one point in order to be the voice that warned the roster of 404Life's end.

Now, with things back to normal Virgo is eager to establish himself as a legitimate contender and easily goes along with Shawty's promises regarding the Lightweight belt...

To Virgo, Shuran looks vaguely familiar. He is, in fact, the youngest brother of another member of the roster.

Shuran, also promised the shot and eager to prove himself on his own, shows up and takes the fight to Virgo but between the two of them Shuran is the rookie and Virgo easily takes charge and proceeds to punish poor Shuran, making him an example for what Virgo promises to do to Novian when finally given the shot!

Watch sexy tall newcomer Shuran in his debut!

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