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For almost three years, Stahr Power has been represented at BWN by Kidd Fresh.

Stahr Power, the crew of pro wrestlers that arrived at BWN named after the leader JT Stahr, sought to convert BWN into a pro wrestling federation entirely.

Ultimately, that came down to an epic encounter between Kidd Fresh representing Stahr Power and Snake representing BWN.

Snake defeated Kidd Fresh and BWN remained the same.

However, Kidd Fresh was always supposed to have had backup: a man by the name of Xavier Cage!

Expected to arrive ever since the 10 Year Anniversary where Kidd Fresh joined forces with other BWN Champs to defend the company against 404Life, Xavier Cage never showed up.

Instead, everything was left to Kidd Fresh.

Even JT Stahr, their leader, didn't return after a few matches and allowed the brunt of the work to be carried out by Kidd Fresh.

404Life, having returned to power after their initial defeat was reversed by Sword winning the Undisputed Championship from Cell, now takes advantage of the dispute between Fresh and Cage to beat Kidd Fresh to a bloody mess.

All because Cage left Fresh behind, at the 404Life lair.

Now, Kidd Fresh blames Cage for everything going to hell.

But Cage, in turn, blames Kidd Fresh for failing to turn BWN into a pro wrestling federation.

Stahr Power explodes as these two pro wrestlers pull out all the stops to completely punish each other in a ONE HOUR war!

Bringing his strength to bear, Xavier Cage easily dominates Kidd Fresh with bearhugs, massive crushing elbows, and a host of other holds!

But Kidd Fresh is a tough fighter and has the experience fighting on the mats that Cage lacks.

Kidd Fresh brings his aggression and anger to bear as he gets his shot at punishing Cage, punching and kicking the big man into the mats!

In the end, the power of Cage is too much for Fresh to overcome.

Laid out, Fresh can only watch as Cage flexes above him and then walks over and past him!


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