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Last year, it was announced that if Assassin didn't defend his Championships by the end of the year, he'd be stripped of both.

...arriving literally hours after the deadline, Assassin argues that it's not yet next year in some parts of the world.

As absurd as the argument is, it's accepted if he'd had an opponent, which he didnt.

So, he appears to leave.

He then rushes in and completely destroys poor Leo who was making an argument for getting better matches this year.

Leo is quickly crushed, slammed, leg dropped, backbroken, and given the Payoff finisher.

Watching how his brother conducts himself, Jugo decides he's lost respect for him...and takes it upon himself to challenge him right then and there!

Assassin has always spoken fondly of his brothers, and Jugo in particular, but sometimes the one that you keep closest is the one you have the hardest time seeing clearly.

Jugo goes whole hog into what quickly becomes the year's first Championship match, and a Double Championship at that!

Slamming, stretching, contorting, armbreaking, punching, kicking, and chopping his brother, Jugo catches Assassin slipping...

...but Assassin isn't named that way for nothing.

After getting his bearings, Assassin unleashes everything on his half brother including extraordinary flying missile dropkicks, multiple payoffs, punches, slams, splashes, locks, and much more!

But it's not enough.

Blindsided by the early and ruthless attack, Assassin finds himself continuously trying to climb back into the fight...

...and Jugo is relentless!

Having caught his brother out of shape and unprepared, Jugo manhandles Assassin in a way nobody ever has!

Furious, Assassin gives Jugo a screaming message on what makes a real champion in life: working hard, building your life and education, and working persistently towards a better future for yourself when nobody is looking...but Jugo isn't hearing any of it, and wants none of Assassin's excuses, continuously showing that he can take everything Assassin dishes out...and keeps coming with the seemingly endless energy that only hardheaded youth can bring!

Clearly possessing his brother's toughness, Jugo keeps fighting even after a black eye he sustains from Assassin, only getting more heated and aggressive as a consequence!

An incredible change of two huge belts right at the start of the year and the debut of what will surely become one of this year's most dangerous new Champions: Jugo!


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