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Award-winning fan favorite actor and model Gary Lavard arrived at BWN and made mincemeat out of Sherod despite being inexperienced.

But Gary may not have realized that by stepping into BWN he was stepping into a world above his pay grade...

...having heard of Gary's moniker as the King of Every Fucking Thing, Arquez returns to challenge that.

It quickly becomes obvious that although Sherod is the newer talent, Arquez is the more experienced and very soon he is making mincemeat out of Gary! Once he realizes that he's in over his head, Gary tries to beg off but Arquez is having none of it as he continues to pummel, stretch, taunt, and punish Gary!

After making him admit that he is the true King of Every Fucking Thing, Arquez decides to CONTINUE to beat on poor Gary!

Now helpless, Gary is forced to just take the abuse as he whimpers and moans under Arquez's hands.

Utterly destroyed, Arquez lets it be known that there is only one and original King of Every Fucking Thing and it's Arquez!