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Big Tony shows up ready to beat some respect into the young bucks here at BWN and faces off against Bootcamp graduate Drew who has yet to notch a win.

Pissed off at his continuous losses, Drew sets his sights on his older opponent and runs rings around him at the outset, completely exhausting Tony for a win.

But for the next fall, Tony gets his second wind and experience starts to show as persistence and methodical consistency trump youthful speed.

Now, it's Tony's turn as he forces Drew into submission holds using his power advantage.

Tony demands that Drew say that he will respect his elders from now on while Drew tries to force Tony to admit that he's too old to fight.

Back and forth the match seesaws as both fighters are forced to withstand grueling holds for extended periods, each stubornly refusing to say what's demanded.

Who will give?

Watch and see!

$59.00   CART