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Destroyed by MDK in his previous match, MDK puts on 20 pounds of muscle for his return match and fights an opponent that promises the same thing he does: no more losses!

Playya Flyy trashed Roman for trying to come on to him at the Bootcamp, but then got blindsided by Candyman in their match and left laid out cold.

Now, he's promising his fans no more losses...but Mad Dog is promising the same thing so something has to give!

Mad Dog makes his return with 20 pounds of extra muscle and renewed intensity, ready to trash Playya Flyy!

As for Flyy, he's determined not to be humiliated by a loss to a man that apologized to his previous opponent...

These two perfectly muscled men lock up and go head to head, one with the extra thickness and skill and the other with the savvy of a street fighter and the carved definition of a guy with unlimited endurance...

Mad Dog quickly shows his wrestling experience as he takes Playy Flyy down and repeatedly outmaneuvers BWN's resident thug and outpowers him as well using every bit of his new size.

But Playya Flyy refuses to quit, hanging in there despite being locked into a series of excruciating locks and taking the brunt of Mad Dog's elbows and strikes with furious defiance.

The battle seesaws back and forth with each man earning a tap which only intensifies the furious race to a finish!

Neither man can afford a loss at this point in their BWN career, but one of them will inevitably suffer it!

Get yours now, this one is constant sweaty action by two tough real men that leave it all on the mats!

Mad Dog has never looked better!

And Playya Flyy continues to wow his fans with his consistently ripped up physique and ferocious aggression!

Get this one right now!


$59.00     CART