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Thrilla, in Bootcamp Training, decides to take a break and brings a fellow stripper to the studio after hours for a private match to show off his skills.

But instead, he gets shown up by newcomer Casanova who outmanuevers the muscular little man and over the course of one very sexy hour, manhandles Thrilla and eventually breaks him down so completely that he's able to impose his will on him exactly as he wishes!

Thrilla as always brings his 100% to the match and struggles and suffers while soaked in sweat but keeps finding himself trapped in Casanova's vice like scissors and then weakened so badly that he's helpless!

But Thrilla comes back, trapping Casanova with his own scissors and brings his thick physique to bear but after a lot of back and forth, Casanova eventually wears out the Thrilla, embarassing him in his own spot in a match that was his idea!

Watch Casanova stretch, squeeze, trap, smother, and punish Thrilla in this sweaty, sexy beautiful match!

Thrilla's thick body and perfect ass and feet are all on display and Casanova's ripped perfectly proportioned body is the perfect tool to break down those muscles!

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