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Despite a strong and apparently successful effort at the start, Que ultimately gets outmatched and forced to quit.

Having embarassed Stitch by shaving his head, Que starts off cocky mocking Stitch.

He manages to maintain a good aggressive assault against The Freak Show superstar but right when he thinks he has Stitch beat, he gets literally bitten and Stitch starts his comeback without any mercy whatsoever, methodically and strategically targeting Que's back by stretching him repeatedly in torturous positions that will hurt Que's base of support, ultimately stretching him so hard and in so many different positions that Que is forced to quit!

But then, to add insult to injury, Stitch pretends to give Que a hand up as a sign of respect for the hard fought match only to knock him out cold with his finisher before laying on the now familiar TFS letters on his chest!


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