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Cell is ready to return to the top of BWN and to do so he feels the best way to begin is to become a double champion by taking Snake's belt thereby making a statement about his willingness to adapt to the onslaught of newbies and place his bets with them.

Snake is perfectly willing to accept Cell's challenge after being jumped by him and Aranha, and vows to make Cell pay by taking everything.

These former best friends have worked together in 404Life and afterwards defending BWN with their parallel successes holding different championships.

But they've never fought each other.

Now, it all comes to a head as Cell unleashes every dirty trick in the book to bring Snake down and Snake uses every submission, lock, and reversal to come out on top.

Watch Snake at his best, contorting Cell and being contorted himself suffering but surviving and coming back repeatedly to dominate...meanwhile Cell is in rare form doing what he does best and that is whatever it takes to win.

Who will win it all?

One man will become a double champion.

And one man will end up with nothing.

Watch this epic one hour battle for both the Brawl and Submission Championships between two top ranked BWN Legends in one match!

It's time for war!

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