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Doom targets Stitch.

Is it judgment time?

Having destroyed every opponent he's faced since arriving, Doom sets his sights directly on Stitch as the most active representative of The Freak Show.

Stitch, however, has also destroyed every opponent he's faced since arriving and holds multiple betls.

But can he take Doom?

Stitch complains right from the outset that the match is an obvious setup that he's intended to lose...and it certainly does look like there is no possible way for Stitch to survive...

But Stitch is resourceful and after being forced to realize he has no chance against Doom by going toe to toe with him, he tries using his belts to gain an unfair advantage and manages to take the big guy down!

Rabidly, Stitch moves in for the kill dropping desperate elbows and raining down kicks and assaults of every kind on the monster...but Doom gets up and easily tosses Stitch off and returns to pounding, squeezing, stretching, and punishing Stitch!

Unable to figure out a way back into the fight, Stitch finds himself forced to take the abuse as he's crushed from every direction and pulled to pieces when he's not being battered!

Doom continues the onslaught as Stitch tries to figure a way out while being taken apart in hold after hold after hold!

Will Stitch survive?

Or will Doom begin his destruction of The Freak Show by taking down their most successful member and title holder?

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