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Cash crushes Card as Wildcard finds himself all out of aces...

Furious at his humiliation at the hands of Snake in his debut match (which was supposed to be an easy victory that he paid Candyman for), Brandon Cash walks in on a pre-interview with Bootcamp alum Wildcard and starts verbally abusing him.

Wilcard challenges him and the match is on.

Seemingly having no fear of the huge size disadvantage he's placed himself in, Wildcard goes after Cash hard and actually manages to dominate early on showcasing his tenacity and skill.

But ultimately, it doesn't matter because the size difference is so pronounced that when Cash finally gets a hold of Card he is able to literally squeeze him into submission by forcing the air out of his lungs and hurting his back.

Once Cash sees the hurt back, he goes in.

Mercilessly, Cash grinds in on Card's back with bearhugs, stomps, walking across him, an amazing camel clutch that's among the most vicious we've ever seen and ultimately finishes him off with a backbreaker that costs Card too much pain to continue.

Literally busted up, Wildcard is left in a pile of his own humiliation, barely able to breathe.

Cash, having earned his first victory, vows to avenge his loss to Snake and do whatever it takes to make Snake suffer.

Watch the bruality!

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