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Papi confronts Alex about allowing Kidd Fresh to quit BWN, and wants a new servant...

Unfortunately for Papi, Enforcer happens to be nearby and overhears all this talk of servants and slaves...a subject he's particularly touchy about ever since Hawk called him Apex's servant...

Enforcer takes out that anger on a ripped and lean Papi who doesn't back down one bit, convincd that he will break Enforcer and earn himself a new servant.

He's wrong.

Despite trying all of his usual tricks, and despite pulling out some impressive new moves including using Novian's banana split that was used on him before, Papi ultimately can't take the constant nonstop onslaught and weight differential that Enforcer brings with his power.

Enforcer punishes Papi, low blows him, and keeps his mouth running as Papi tries to do the same.

At one point, Papi traps Enforcer in a figure 4 after using a chair to bring the big man down and Enforcer is seen suffering in a way never before seen!

In the end, however, it's Papi that's destroyed.

And Enforcer returns to his task: making Apex the new Undisputed Champ!

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