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Hawk, fresh off his loss to Cain in his second attempt for the Undisputed Championship, is disgusted that Apex is immediately setting his sights on the championship...

Watching Apex brag that he will be the next Undisputed Champion, Hawk asks what about those that have been at the company for a minute now...

Right on cue, Apex's Enforcer storms onto the mats...and proceeds to pound Hawk into the mats!

Demanding that Hawk declare Apex the Undisputed Champion, Enforcer contorts, stretches, pounds, squeezes, armbars, suplexes, and chokes Hawk for an entire hour of punishment!

Hawk comes back more than once however, determined not to take a second back to back loss and traps Enforcer in a full nelson and drops several desperate elbows when the big man is temporarily dazed after being thrown into the metal separator...but Enforcer recovers each time, flipping and spinning his way out of Hawk's holds...and then making Hawk pay!

But defeating Hawk isn't enough for him!

Beaten and now defenseless, Hawk finds himself unable to prevent a series of brutal suplexes and slams...but he refuses to do what Enforcer is demanding of him!

But finally after being pounded and pounded and then having his arm trapped in a brutal behind the back lock -- and after having been methodically broken down throughout the match in tights full nelsons, armbars, and shoulder joint pressure holds, Hawk can't take the pain anymore and he finally says it: "Apex is the champ!"

Enforcer then decides to continue to punish Hawk even after that by choking him all the way out, making Hawk's muscular, sweaty, beaten body a testament to the damage Enforcer can inflict on opponents!

Destroyed, Hawk is laid out as Enforcer dresses himself and lets Hawk lie there to think about what's happened to him: two back to back losses, one worse than the other, and beaten so badly that he's forced to say what he's told.

The incredible Hawk is in fine form looking better than ever and the sadistic Enforcer is making a name for himself as a brute!

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