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404Life is tipped off by Papi as to Cain's whereabouts and hires mercenary FlyGuy to get Cain to drop his challenge against their Undisputed Champion Sword...

But at first FlyGuy goes after the wrong guy, destroying Kidd Fresh in a case of mistaken identity.

But now, Cain is found!

Attacking from behind, FlyGuy first smashes Cain into the outside wall, then through the door, into the walls inside, strips him out of his clothes, checks his ID, and then goes to town!

Never letting up, FlyGuy maintains his advantage despite several desperate comebacks by Cain, stretching, gouging, choking, squeezing, and kicking the contender!

Cain gets surfboarded, backbroken, and more!

Cain's ripped physique is on display as he gets tormented in every way imaginable, trying to find release the entire time and a way to come back!

When Cain finally gets a chance to attack, his strikes just aren't enough!

In a fair fight, Cain's skill might be enough to carry the day, but after being jumped can he nonethless take all the abuse and then mount a comeback that turns the tide?

Can Cain even survive?

Get yours and find out!

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