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First, he was finished.

Now, he's flattened.

Kidd Fresh gets a heaping scoop of Karma as he finds himself at the wrong place at the right time for 404Life's mercenary FlyGuy who mistakes him for Cain!

Seeking to derail Cain from pursuing a shot against Sword for the Undisputed Champion, FlyGuy proceeds to ignore all of Fresh's protestations and kick, punch, pummel, slam, choke, squeeze, and flatten Kidd Fresh anyway.

Eventually, Fresh finds his own sense of ownership and refuses to not fight back, launching a series of punches and assaults against the most massive monster we've ever shot!

It doesn't work.

All that does is get FlyGuy more upset and Fresh is ultimately forced to get the living shit beat out of him with one hold after another being applied to his lean, muscular body as he writhes, begs, and screams in abject agony!

FlyGuy won't stop until Kidd Fresh admits he is Cain but of course Fresh will never admit that...

So, the punishment continues as Fresh hollers in absolute agony as FlyGuy twists and flattens him into every position imaginable!

Armwork, full nelsons, chokes, sleepers, punches, the litany of punishment goes on and on as Fresh protests his identity to 404Life's mercenary who's having none of it....

Fresh gets increasingly aggravated at the blatant identity mixup but nothing he says will stop the assault!

Kidd Fresh tries begging for mercy.

He tries fighting back.

He tries allowing himself to be destroyed.

Nothing works.

Kidd Fresh in new tights and introducing the massive FlyGuy!

A complete and total brute force demolition like you've never seen from start to finish for one full hour!

$59.00     CART