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Achilles arrives ready to do battle with The Freak show, but encounters Candyman's trophy Elijah instead!

Elijah gets utterly massacred in this massive, muscular debut of Achilles using Elijah as an example of what he will do to The Freak Show!

The incredibly powerful Achilles stands at slightly over 6'4" and weights far north of 230 pounds of pure muscle!

The match is methodical and powerful with Achilles wasting no time in targeting Elijah's midsection starting out with a powerful bearhug and climaxing with an incredibly brutal front slam onto his knee!

In between, Achilles wears down his prey with surfboards, rear naked sleepers, leg locks, full nelsons, scissors and every manner of pain that he can conceive!

Elijah refuses to quit!

Stubbornly, Elijah holds on through every painful move and chooses the pain over the loss!

Eventually, after havine literally every part of his body destroyed, Elijah verbally gives up.

But Achilles isn't done yet!

Amazing match with two incredibly attractive, musled fighers!

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