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Having been dominted by Ming in his debut, Treyz is determined to make a successful comeback.

He spent extra time in the gym, carving up his abs and adding some more muscle to his chest!

Now he's back and he's told that Snake is the toughest competitor for him and he steps up.

Unfortunately for Treyz, Snake -- even in his wounded state and in the grasps of Candyman -- is far and away beyond Treyz in skill and stamina and that quickly becomes obvious right from the takedown at the beginning with Treyz almost immediately returned to a place of suffering after running his mouth and taunting Snake during the opening moments!

Frustrated, Treyz groans and moans in agony trying to extricate himself from the variuos positions that Snake contorts him into, struggling to gain purchase on some limb of Snake's to pull apart or twist but he can't get out try as he might!

At one or two points, Treyz does manage some impressive reversals but he celebrates too soon each time and Snake punishes him for both mistakes and then moves into what Snake refers to as his "favorite part of the BWN show" and that, of course, is the abject humiliation of his opponent who is forced -- while trapped in Snake's camel clutch -- to call his victor Daddy!!

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