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After a prolonged absence, fan favorite Romeo returns but this time as a bodybuilder that has successfully competed!

With his new size, Romeo is hoping to redeem himself from the humiliating and first-ever stripping he suffered at the hands of Babyboy in his last match.

Instead, he gets humiliated further by Candyman!

As he arrives and re-introduces himself, Candyman chokes him out from behind causing Romeo to never fully recover enough to get going in the match and instead becomes Candyman's play thing as Candy has his way with Romeo despite Romeo showcasing some impressive new skills and power.

Taking full advantage, Candy feels up all of Romeo's new muscles and tastes whatever he likes with Romeo struggling to get free.

Ultimately, Romeo just brought a bigger more muscular body back to BWN for the dominators like Candyman to feast on!

Candyman chokes Romeo out at the end -- just as he did at the beginning -- and leaves him literally strung up.

Romeo loses, but you win!

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