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After his humiliating loss to Sword, Akecheta sent himself into exile.

That attempt at becoming the Undisputed Champion was loaded with the redemption he expected to achieve to make everything right: his loss of the Submission Championship to 404Life's Snake in the Scramble, and all of the other humiliations he and his brother were put through...but it wasn't to be.

Now, he's back.

Akecheta has decided that although he failed at taking Sword down, he can definitely take Snake down and get his Submission Championship back.

The thing is, what Akecheta doesn't know is that Snake is no longer the Submission Champion since The Freak show defeated him and is now instead in the clutches of Candyman as part of his crew.

But Akecheta learns.

He learns that when Snake is with Candyman, it's always two against one!

Despite dominating early on, Akecheta finds himself at the mercy of Candyman and Snake as they decide to do more than defeat him: they decide to destroy him.

Akecheta fights with everything he's got and would have defeated Snake but eventually his fight wears out as Candyman continuously touches him and strokes him and wears him down...

As for Snake, he holds Akecheta in place for Candyman to do to him what he wishes...

Akecheta groans and screams in a vain effort to get away and ultimately goes quiet as the hands of his opponents caress him from head to toe and he is helpless to stop it.

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