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Last time, Candyman dominated Elijah, ultimately sleepering him out and destroying him...but he never could get Elijah to admit that his muscles belonged to Candyman...

So, Candyman arranges to have Elijah jumped by a deranged man named Meathook to try and pound submission into him, as the monster repeatedly asks Elijah whose muscles are they?

Elijah, for his part, had no idea what the assault was about and after it's over and he's left hung up in the dark, he's rescued...by Candyman!

Furious, Elijah tries to attack but he can't....he's been strung up in such a way that he has to hold himself up by his own chains or risk choking himself out with the chain around his neck holding all his weight...

But Elijah is so furious that he can't resist lunging and eventually passes out from the struggle as he cuts off his own air...

Now helpless at Candyman's feet, Elijah finds himself stripped and then dressed up in underwear of Candy's choosing, declared his Trophy Boy!

Awakened, Elijah attacks Candyman with all his might but gets immediately outmanuevered and pinned, stretched, squeezed, pummeled, slapped, and utterly dominated again!

Elijah struggles and screams, moaning with pain at all the contortions that Candyman is putting him through...but he REFUSES to say what Candyman wants to hear: that his muscles are his!

Stubbornly refusing to say it, the fight continues until he's knocked out again.

At the end, he's forced to give Candyman a massage after being put through what Candy refers to as "training day" to be made his boy.

Is Elijah now his?

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