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Straight boxer Prettyboy Roy has a big, cocky mouth.

Denim shuts it.

In advance of facing each other, both guys record themselves in a brief introduction that was featured a couple weeks before the match released on our Facebook page.

Prettyboy Roy makes a point of degrading the guy that he thinks he's going to face: newcomer Dash.

Instead, a last minute substitution has Roy facing newcomer Denim.

That's not good for Roy.

Starting off, the two look fairly evenly matched given Roy's boxing background and presumed speed advantage.

It quickly becomes obvious that this isn't a boxing match and Roy is out of his element here as he gets floored and pounded, stretched, and destroyed.

Roy, perhaps to his credit, tries his hardest to maintain his cocky attitude by trying to minimize the beating he's taking.

But Denim decides to turn up the punishment as the match goes on and Roy soon finds himself covering up as he gets smacked, slapped, squeezed, and smashed with elbow drops, scissors, full nelsons, and boston crabs.

Roy starts to beg Denim to quit, saying he's had enough.

You'd think that would be enough to make Denim stop, but you'd be wrong.

Taking that as his cue to further crush Roy, Denim taps him repeatedly and then starts refusing to accept the taps demanding instead that Roy say what he wants him to say.

Roy's pride won't let him and another round of punishment ensues.

Ultimately though, Roy does and says exactly what Denim tells him to say and gets thrown over Denim's shoulder and carried off as his prize!

Awesome double debut as these two create an excellent hostility that promises to boil over into a full blown feud this year!

As Denim says while destroying Roy: it's time to start winning!

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