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Babyboy was exiled last year by Cell after losing his Brawl Championship and singlet...

But now Babyboy makes his return...

...but instead of having the normal triumphant comeback he's completely destroyed by newcomer Evan Martin!

Evan has been a fan of BWN from the very beginning, and now he finally arrives ready to make a name for himself.

He proceeds to immediately do that by becoming the first person to ever strip Babyboy right at the top of a match and beat him throughout!

Babyboy only has one momentary attempt at a comeback but is quickly put back in his place as this giant (6'5") with size 16 shoes and a ripped physique thoroughly dominates BWN Legend Babyboy!

Quickly, it turns from a match into a brutal beating session with Babyboy literally asking Evan for mercy and praying to God for help!

Help isn't coming.

Babyboy is completely trashed, humiliated, and made into a doormat for Evan to walk over in his huge BWN debut!

60 straight minutes of ruthless aggression...and then Lil Buck walks in!

Walking into the beating, Lil Buck taunts Babyboy and is finally afforded the gift from Evan of being the one to put Babyboy to sleep!

After losing his shot at the Lightweight strap, Lil Buck has decided to go on his own and make his own mark...and taking Babyboy's spot is his goal!

The two then debut their very own double feature of Babyboy's ASS show!

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