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After his destruction at the hands of Candyman, Cubano takes some time off and gets even more powerful and adds tremendous size to his physique to become one of the world's top powerlifters!

But upon his return, he's immediatley attacked from behind by Lick Lick who is in bounty hunter mode and eager to crush him before he can even get started in hopes of getting paid by Candyman for "returning his property" to him!

Cubano, now in mega mode at his most powerful size ever, never has a chance!

After being choked out from behind and stripped, he gets awakened only to be choked out again!

Time and again he tries to get into the game but he can't get going given the uneven beginning and the fact that Lick is no slouch even when he's facing a fully prepared wrestler but with Cubano as his already wounded prey, there is really no chance at all!

Crawling around on all fours Cubano tries to salvage what's left of his dignity with a comeback only to get caught with a hard shot to the ribs and then choked out again!

Now utterly destroyed, Cubano is helplessly tied to a chair where he will be left for Candyman nice and oiled up for his boss!

Cubano returned in hopes of helping to save BWN from The Freak Show but now that he's been sidelined right out of the gate, the question remains: who will save BWN? And will Cubano remain chained into the Candyman Crew indefinitely? What will his punishments be for attempting to return without checking in with Candyman first?

You've got to watch to find out! But in the meantime, get this one right now! Lick takes it to ANOTHER LEVEL!

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